How to teach odd & even number concept to kids? Using Montessori Cards & Counters with worksheet (Maths)

How to teach odd & even number concept to kids? Montessori Cards & Counters are one of the best teaching aids for some of the mathematic concepts for early years. Remember, pre-requisite skills are essential. One must go through the learning material and acquire the skill of leaning number counting with Montessori Cards & Counters so that ‘odd & even numbers’ enhances the learning.

Pre-requisite: The basic skills one needs to learn further

Firstly, go through the number value video and understand the placement of dots / counters. Collect the materials required and keep it ready, as the second step. Thirdly, you will need to use the print of worksheet alongside the video tutorial of ‘odd and even numbers’ with crayons / pencil.

Materials Required:

  • Number Cards & Counters (Montesssori Material)
  • Number Cards & countable material like shells, pebbles, etc. (If one does not have Montessori Material)

Certainly, one can use paper and pencil by drawing the dots where the counters are placed.

Print of the worksheet downloaded from this page. Watch out for the download button on this page.

Watch the video of ‘How to teach odd & even number concept to kids?’ before using it with your children.

This video tutorial is aimed to help teachers introduce the concept of ‘odd & even’ numbers to children of kindergarten. “Odd and Even’ numbers is a concept that is often challenging to teach young children at school if not taught with correct teaching aids. This video uses dot references following the Montessori Card and Counter method in order to teach the concept easily for kids.

Worksheet on Odd & Even Numbers

Worksheets are a good method of practicing the skills learnt. Worksheets are also useful for revisions and assessments. Download the worksheet of ‘Odd and Even Numbers’ for kids to solve with the video tutorial.

Before watching this video, please watch the video of introduction to number value using the cards and counters method by clicking here, as it is a pre-requisite to learn placement of the Montessori counters alongside the number cards.