Diwali Diya Dangler – Seriation Activity with Mandala Design

Diwali Diya Dangler – Math Seriation- Mandala Designs. Watch the video tutorial here.

Hi! Celebration math activity with creative mandala designs on a Diwali Diya dangler. Kids will enjoy this multiactivity which integrates the following:

1. Maths in the form of seriation (ordering from big to small – descending order and ordering from small to big – ascending order)

2. Festival celebration as we paint the cutout of a diya dangler to decorate our homes on Diwali

3. Art and Craft involves though painting, creative designing, cutting pasting, etc.

4. Creative designing as there are as many options of designing as much as anyone can think of and perhaps even more.

5. Mandala is creative, refreshing and therapeutic. It helps emotional vent out through creative avenues. Click on the link for getting the printable template in pdf for your kid to do the activity. Shubh Deepavali! Team Planet-E

Download Diwali Dangler Template here:

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