Creative Activities

TATVA 2021

“The Creative Elements in Teaching FAQ’s Who is eligible to participate? Early childhood educators using SpringBoard Preschool Program Early childhood educators / trainee of ECCE / student of B.Sc. / M.Sc. Human Development, who are not using SpringBoard Preschool Program When will the contest begin? The contest will begin on December 11, 2021. How to […]

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Diwali Diya Dangler – Seriation Activity with Mandala Design

Hi! Celebration math activity with creative mandala designs on a Diwali Diya dangler. Kids will enjoy this multiactivity which integrates the following: 1. Maths in the form of seriation (ordering from big to small – descending order and ordering from small to big – ascending order) 2. Festival celebration as we paint the cutout of

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Doodle Design Ganesha 2020 Contest

Guidelines For Participation for ‘Doodle Design Ganesha 2020 Contest’ Doodle Design Ganesha 2020 is a contest for the preschoolers that encourages children to bring home their own Ganesha. On the festive occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi, let’s nurture creativity, self esteem, soci0-emotional skills and also fine motor skills . This is a contest aiming to invite

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Creative Thinking & Imagination – Recycling

Recycling waste requires creative thinking and imagination. This requires collecting material with a perspective and a plan in the head. Recycling waste is a process driven activity and we all know “Creativity is all about the process”. Often, we lay so much importance on the product that the process looses our attention. For example, a

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One Doodle Everyday – Enhancing Creativity

“One doodle everyday, enhances concentration, creativity and imagination” If you are looking at enhancing creativity in kids with time investment of just one minute everyday, begin with doodling. Doodling is simply scribbling aimlessly, but the spark of creativity occurs when one starts searching for familiar forms, shapes and objects. This is an endlessly ‘keep busy’

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