Christmas Greetings (Pop-up Card)

‘Christmas’ marks the beginning of Holiday season globally and in India, this festival marks the beginning of a short winter break in educational institutions. Christmas greetings are exchanged world wide in the celebration of birth of Jesus. This is a festival of prayers, sweets, time with families and friends, and merry making. Above all, this festival also helps us all end the calendar year and progress into the next year. Christmas Greetings (Pop-up Card) is an activity for your children to light up the festive spirits.

Every festival can foster some developments that too with the collection of the sweet memories for your children. Every child remembers the holidays, festivals and joyful moments of their early childhood years for lifelong, since the brain captures good experiences faster and stores them for longer. Moreover, the aim of this activity is to register another happy and positive growing up experience with a festive greeting card.

This Christmas, let us create a memory of celebrating Christmas with children making greeting cards and sending them to their loved ones.

Pop-up Christmas Greeting
Christmas Greeting Card

What would you need?

  • A-4 size card paper, one sheet yellow, one sheet white and 3 sheets of dark green. For instance, any construction paper, hand made paper or textured paper that we get from art and craft supplies can be used as per choice.
  • Red and brown sketch pen for writing and drawing
  • A pair of scissors and craft glue.
  • Star shaped punch / stickers. Just in case, you don’t have one cut out a small star.
  • Glitter glue for decoration.

How to work with the material?

  • First, take a print out of the template for making a Christmas Tree cutout. You can download the template in JPEG or pdf format from the buttons below:
  • Second step, fold over the dotted line and thirdly, cutout the Christmas tree outline. Each template will provide you 2 cutouts. So, you will need 3 prints of the template to make this card well.
  • You may refer to the video to make the pop-up Christmas Greeting card or read the steps below.
  • As soon as the cutouts are ready, fold them at the dotted line (dotted line should be facing outside).
  • Add glue at the centre fold and paste them together.
  • Take the white A-4 sheet and fold into half.
  • Write your message / greetings using a sketch pen.
  • Paste the cluster of the Christmas trees pasted together, by applying the glue in the centre fold again and then pasting the cutouts in the centre fold of the white card paper and let it dry in folded condition.
  • Meanwhile, you can decorate the outside of the card as you please.
  • Open the fold and see your Christmas greetings (pop-up card).
  • Once open all the folded (pasted together cutouts) Christmas trees to give it a decent 3-dimension effect every time it is opened.
  • After that, use glitter glue to decorate the Christmas tree cutouts, however, you can choose any other material for decoration too.
  • Make the trunk using a sketch pen.
  • Finally, your pop-up greeting card for Christmas is ready.

Merry Christmas!!

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