How to Read & Write Hindi Video & Worksheets

Planet-E is happy to present to you the video tutorial Learn How to Read & Write Hindi Video & Worksheets -हिन्दी Hindi – Swar हिंदी स्वर Video Lessons & Worksheets. Language / linguistic literacy is all about listening to understand, speaking to respond, reading for information and knowledge, as well as writing fluently. In other words, language literacy means fluency and clear understanding of the language.

How to Read & Write Hindi Video Lessons & Worksheets
चित्र देखकर पहचानो और स्वर से शुरू होनेवाले कुछ शब्द पढ़ो.

Why learn a new language?

  • Brain development researches prove that learning a new language is one of the best activities for the brain at any age. For instance, many of the ageing people are encouraged to learn a new language to keep away those brain degenerative disorders.
  • Child development theories promote multilingualism. So, do choose one more language apart from mother tongue.
  • Therefore, Hindi is introduced to children as a second or third language in some states of India.
  • Likewise, many of the preschools and schools begin with letter writing and gradually progress into words and sentences.
  • Indian National Education Policy 2020 emphasizes the importance of multilingualism and promotes learning of multiple languages other than mother tongue for better development of children
  • Hindi in Devanagari script is the official language of the Union in India.

In conclusion, that we have enough good information about the importance of learning more languages, let us learn Hindi swar and vyanjan through this series of our video tutorials. The tutorial will teach formation of the letter (Alphabet), words that begin with the phonic sound of the letters.

How to learn Hindi letters using the video lessons and worksheets?

These video lessons, help a learner / teacher to Read, Speak and Write Hindi, enhance your vocabulary, revise Hindi letter writing, prepare for lessons in schools, use this audio-visual to teach at school. Most importantly, do print the worksheets before beginning to work on How to Read & Write Hindi Video & Worksheets to download & print.

Firstly, go through the video lessons one at a time.

Secondly, download and print the worksheet to practice the writing.

Further, you can continue to do these two above mentioned steps to learn each Hindi swar.

Hindi – Swar हिंदी स्वर – अ (Learn How to Read and Write Hindi Letters) हिन्दी
Hindi – Swar हिंदी स्वर – आ (Learn How to Read and Write Hindi Letters) हिन्दी
Hindi – Swar हिंदी स्वर – इ (Learn How to Read and Write Hindi Letters) हिन्दी
Hindi – Swar हिंदी स्वर – ई (Learn How to Read and Write Hindi Letters) हिन्दी

You will find free worksheet for practice of swar on the link:

We hope you would have effectively used How to Read & Write Hindi Video & Worksheets. However, do leave your comments below the video with your comments. Moreover, don’t forget to subscribe to our channel using the button below. Subscribe, Like and Share… Learning is continuous… Happy Learning!

Thanks! Team Planet-E

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