One Free Worksheet Everyday!

‘One Free Wroksheet’ is an initiative to support our school clients and schools an reach out to preschoolers and their parents world wide. In addition, due to the global pandemic conditions, children across the world are not attending school due to social distancing norms / fear of infection. While we know summer vacations are approaching for Indian schools amidst the pandemic of COVID-19, many parents are in a challenging situation to keep children busy indoors.

Our team of educators at Planet-E is passionate about developing activities for children. We deliver our best bit with an objective of helping parents with one free worksheet everyday, starting March 17, 2020 to keep their preschoolers busy.

We have many resources for preschoolers, for instance; worksheets, activity videos, articles, etc. Are you interested in subscription to worksheet packets? Subscribe & pay to get printed Worksheets that will be delivered to your home.This service will resume once the lock down is released and operations of transport & post regularize.

Since, this initiative has begun during the period of global pandemic of corona virus, all payments towards subscriptions will be initiated on resumption of regular services. Additionally, we encourage the professionals and parents to be with us and leave their suggestions in the comment section for ideas / requests for worksheet on specific topics.

Subscription Packages

  • Capital Letters – 50 (Black & White) practice worksheets
  • Small Letters – 50 (Black & White) practice worksheets
  • Cursive Writing Capital Letters- 50 (Black & White) practice worksheets
  • Cursive Writing Small Letters- 50 (Black & White) practice worksheets
  • Math Readiness Set -1 – 50 (Black & White) practice worksheets
  • Math Readiness Set – 2 – 50 (Black & White) practice worksheets

You can download one free worksheet everyday. Just visit this page and click on the same link.

Times of Preschool is dedicated to delivering best quality programs and content. Therefore, our visitors and guests will see our blog page updated with child development and education related content always.

We conduct teacher and professional development programs from time to time to on relevant topics in early childhood education and development. Watch out our site regularly for all updates. We are keen to associate with and integrate all professionals. In other words, we are open to options of volunteering and honorary contribution. If you wish to contribute, do get in touch with us soon, we will orient you to the process.

Times of Preschool believes in connections and communications as a key to make and maintain relationships. After all, adapting to various forms of social interaction and media is what we do to connect and network. In short, we use various media for communication like emails, social media forums, workshops, seminars and even webinars.

Do share your ideas on the type of worksheets you want. Specific topics, concepts or skills for preschools. We will try our level best to share the worksheets on the suggestions.

64 thoughts on “One Free Worksheet Everyday!”

    1. We stopped as the lockdown was turned off and schools began. However, due to demand, we are working on adding worksheets which will be available for download always.

  1. In the week I don’t gate sr.kgs worksheets it doesn’t shows in my link I have missed 24 may and 25 may how will I get is it possible you can resend mi pls

    Thank you

    1. Hi! Thank you for writing to us. Everyday the page is refreshed with Nursery / Junior Kindergarten or Senior Kindergarten worksheets randomly developed by our team. We have noted your suggestion and will work on it.

  2. Dear Sir/Madam
    Very nice and encouraging concepts .. thank you for engaging kids, particularly during the lockdown period. This is helping them occupied and creating interest besides providing knowledge.
    Thanks and

  3. Very nice and thank you for sharing the worksheets for engaging our kids on this situation. This is very much helpful for all. Kids are gaining some knowledge instead of wasting the time uselessly.
    It will be even more helpful for us if the old worksheets are also available. And also helpful if it is given according not the age/classes.

  4. Hi, very innovative and interesting worksheets. In case i missed out the earlier worksheet how can i get the same??

    1. Hi!
      We are glad to see such encouraging comments! We have got many requests for the worksheets we shared earlier. We are in process of working out a solution and will notify as well. Stay tuned! Stay Home! Stay Safe!

  5. Your work for kids is really aporeciateing,
    Since when it has started. I too have joined today,
    So please send me previous worksheets.
    Secondly try to give us something for
    Nursery, Jr. K. G. & Sr. K. G.
    Age from 3 years to 6 years.

    1. Hello! So happy to see such lovely comments. We are trying our best to share worksheets that are catering to children in 3-8 years. We have noted your suggestions. We are in process of working out a solution for earlier worksheets and will notify you shortly. Stay tuned! Stay Home! Stay Safe!

    1. Welcome! Hope you liked out worksheet yesterday. Do suggest topics if they are of particular interest to your child. Stay Tuned!

  6. Hi
    I have joined it today only. I really appreciate your efforts towards the kids.
    I missed the earlier worksheets. Can you help me in that regard.

    1. Do leave us a comment if you need a particular worksheet on a topic. It simply give a hint to our team to work on a specific topic. Don’t forget to write the age of the child for whom you want this worksheet.

  7. Absolutely innovative and beautiful way to keep children engaged! I request your team to extend this facility for Junior and senior kindergarten kids as well .

    1. We highly appreciate your comments! We will try our best to have more worksheets for Junior and Senior Kindergarten.

  8. Hey my son is 3 yrs old.. the worksheet I’ve given is may be for higher class.. how do I get an worksheet for 3 yrs

    1. Hi!
      Thank you for writing to us. We are trying our level best to design multi level worksheets. We will take a little extra care to have few worksheets in (half and half) style to ensure that kids of different age groups are able to involve. This will help us reach out to kids in their early years like your son. Till then keep sharing the freebies!

      Stay Home- Stay Safe
      Team Planet-E

    2. Hi , worksheet are really helpful n keeping my kid busy.. she loves such worksheet , can you please share something related to 1 std kids too

  9. It’s very innovative idea . . Very nice . . Otherwise CHILDREN play with their mobiles. . . Nice idea to engage these kids . .

  10. Mrs Kiran Prabhakar patil

    Thank you so much for providing one free worksheet everyday this is the best way to keep our kids busy and safe.
    Thanks for the great work!!!

      1. Thank u so much for provide worksheet at home.. so kids can learn while quarantine time

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